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My name is Keith. I am a registered counsellor. It's a pleasure to introduce myself.

My qualifications

I hold a Master's in Counselling & Psychotherapy. I am registered with the Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA)—registration no. 28518. You can see my public profile here. Furthermore, I am also completing additional studies toward becoming registered as a psychologist by 2025. Important: I cannot offer Medicare rebate at present.

More than an LGBTQIA+ ally

I am an openly proud gay man of colour; however, while specialising in LGBTQIA+, I do not limit myself to just sexual minority clients. I often work at the intersection of ethnicity, culture, religious impacts, and sexuality. Furthermore, whilst I mainly work with adults, I am open to working with LGBTQIA+ youth.

Diverse personal attributes

I am a child of immigrant parents who raised me in Australia since I was two. This personal experience has spurred my interest in being able to work with clients of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. It's easy to forget how much ethnicity and culture affect mental health and emotional well-being. My experience reconciling having an ethnic background in a white society moves me beyond empathising with client experiences and into understanding and knowing them. I came to be a therapist as part of a later-life change. By this time, I had gained much professional and community-based [LGBTQIA+] experience.

A robust therapeutic alliance

Studies show that strong therapeutic partnerships are central to getting good results. I work from a place of establishing and maintaining solid therapeutic alliances. I pride myself on being able to understand a very diverse and broad background of human experiences. I do not censor client expression or thought and will meet you where you are in the therapeutic space. 

What you can expect from me as your therapist

You can expect a safe and non-judgmental therapeutic space. I don't take myself too seriously as a therapist, and I feel it is important to use humour where appropriate. You can expect me to be engaged but also hold the space for you where needed. I am present in my sessions and will work with you to create insights that fit your challenges and goals. I can be warm and caring or straight talking. I mirror what you need.

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